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Ernst Olschowka

Welcome to Ernst Olschowka Real Estate - your partner in finding exclusive properties in Germany

and world - wide.

Your trust is the principle of our business - we deliver highest quality,consultation and service ti find the perfect property for you !!!

About us:

Realty for uns is not simply business but rather the basis for satisfying our clients.

For us,Ernst Olschowka Real Estate,each client is unique which is why we see you as our partner.

We take care of you and give you the advice you need,whether you are the vendor or buyer.

You,as our partner,have a right for transperency and receive all the information according to your

request in a detailed and individual manner.

Each of our relationships begins with listening therefore the first conversation with you

is very important to us.Only after we have found out and understood your motives and needs we will be able to assist you regarding your realty in order to advice you in the most competent way.

By fulfilling your wishes we will also make you a satisfied customer of Erns Olschowka Real Estate.





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