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Volker Gruber


Many of AREA’s members already know our international consultant who represents clients in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel and South America. Over the years he has provided us with studies for various companies dealing in a wide variety of businesses, all of whom having a real estate component to them but most of them dealing with the business application side. He was very instrumental in creating the background for the initial formation of INV-American LLC, when he was asked by a private Swiss bank to assist a Swiss company, with a highly technical manufacturing component, establish a business operation in the USA. Since then he has asked AREA’s assistance in working on the feasibility of establishing a timber operation in the Southeast for a German company; assisting a Chilean company determine the feasibility of dozens of potential hotel markets and then using AREA’s network to cover the real estate portion of the operation; assisting a German company locate multi-family business opportunities; and working with an Israeli firm interested in providing unique financial services in North America. AREA is very pleased to have a strong working relationship with this very trusted consultant.