AREA Orientation


1. Who Are We?
Associated Realty of the Americas is a by invitation only, small network of top REALTORS® and Real Estate professionals, principally centered in North America.

2. What do we do?
We provide a vetted venue for facilitating referrals and promoting business.

3. What Services does AREA Provide:

A. An annual Retreat.
Primarily a Net Working Event Using Conferencing and Socialization to foster close working relationships.
B. A monthly Business Call-in where information is shared among the members. This is followed up by informative minutes.
C. A monthly Newsletter.
D. Unscheduled special offerings such as this orientation.
E. A full service web site promoting members to one another plus providing quick access (The Directory) to facilitate referrals.*

The following are examples as the Directory is currently in the development stage. It is expected to be fully operational in a few weeks.

There will be a button on your screen. Click on it and a directory, by location appears. Find the location you wish:



F. A full service web site (www. ) taking listings from the AREA site and posting them on that lead generation site for a 20% referral fee on all closed transactions.

G. An affiliation with INV America charged with assisting foreign companies locate operations in North America using AREA as the principal relocation team.

H. Outside the Box Teamwork:

(1.) Off-Market Properties Bank

(a.) Hotels
(b.) Apartment Buildings
(c.) Medical Office Buildings
(d.) Commercial Buildings of all kinds.

(2.) International Cooperation with proven International Consultants on a case by case basis.
(3.) 1031 Exchanges.

4. How is AREA Structured and Funded?
AREA stands for Associated Realty of the Americas, a privately held, licensed real estate company headquartered in Arizona. Its’ principal and licensed real estate broker is Carl A. Bosse, a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service who has been in the real estate business as a manager, developer and investor for over 40 years. The company earns its’ revenue by charging an annual fee to all members and by participating in direct referrals of residential properties to members, as well in commercial transactions. The company has two member committees, The Liaison and the Membership. The Liaison Committee, which is Chaired by Diana Bull (Santa Barbara) and Co-Chaired by Ken Libby (Stowe), provides a sounding board to assist the organization in both recruiting and operations. The nine person membership committee seeks out new members in given locations.

5. What is the size of the Organization?
AREA has approximately 100 members in North America plus another 25 throughout the world. We do not charge a fee for member participation outside of North America. AREA’s goal is to have between 130-150 North American members total. We believes that exceeding that size would diminish the unique intimacy the organization currently provides, which is the cornerstone to its’ success, and successful we are.

6. How many referrals are made annually by this group?
We do not track referrals except when AREA is directly involved. Doing so would be too costly. However, we do know, anecdotally, that there are a significant number of referrals working within the group at any one time. We also know that AREA has made a number of direct residential and commercial referrals and is quite active in working on those situations many of which involve multiple members of AREA.

7. What makes us special?
The quality of the membership is unparralled in any other organization. We are not statistically based, but based upon our real life status as entrepreneurs and volunteers, our individual character and our desire to serve. Members of AREA understand that service means “What can I do for others, as opposed to what can others do for me.”